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In addition to the core programme of activities to manage the St Eustatius National Marine Park, Quill / Boven National Park and Miriam Schmidt Botanical Gardens, as well as Public Awareness and Education programme, we manage and implement a variety of projects. Projects typically have a discrete timeframe and are often funded through outside agencies. Projects can be research-orientated, or designed to influence policy or assist with public awareness about an environmental issue.

STENAPA is grateful to all funding agencies of past and existing projects, including the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA), Netherlands Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, Doen Foundation (Netherlands), Netherlands Postcode Lottery, Representation of the Netherlands (VNP), Prince Bernhard Culture Funds Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, Prince Bernhard Nature Fund, US National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Caribbean Environment Programme of the United Nations Environment Programme, World Wildlife Fund Netherlands, MINA Fonds Nederlandse Antillen and KNAP Fonds Nederlandse Antillen.

This section of the web site highlights some of the important projects of the last few years that are either ongoing (with updates in our quarterly newsletters) or recently completed.