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Iguana Guardians Programme


The Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima) is endemic to the Caribbean; its range originally extended from Anguilla in the northern Lesser Antilles to Martinique in the south. However, it is now restricted to just six island territories in the Lesser Antilles, one of which is St. Eustatius. Unfortunately, this species is under threat from fragmentation, development, predation by rats, cats, dogs, and humans, and more recently an invasion by Green Iguana (Iguana iguana). These two iguana species are closely related, but the more aggressive Green Iguana breeds more successfully than its native cousin and can reproduce rapidly in a short time. In fact, studies suggest that when the Green Iguana invades an island, the Lesser Antillean Iguana typically becomes extinct within a few decades due to hybridization.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining the Lesser Antillean Iguana as an important flagship species for St. Eustatius, STENAPA is conducting essential on-the-ground fieldwork since the discovery of a Green Iguana and hybrids in 2016. In addition, public outreach ensures that the local community is kept abreast of activities and contributes towards citizen science by reporting their iguana sightings. STENAPA is working with local, regional and international partners to promote its work, build capacity, and develop and implement effective action plans.

It is of utmost importance that Statia remains a safe haven for the Lesser Antillean Iguana, and STENAPA is seizing the opportunity to save what is arguably the island’s most endangered reptile.


PLEASE HELP - Report Iguana Sightings

Reporting iguana sightings is invaluable information that assists on-the-ground efforts locating both our Statia Iguana and the Invasive Green Iguanas. When you see an iguana please take the time to report the sighting using this convenient online submission form. If you have a photo please attach it to the form.

STENAPA and the team working on-the-ground sincerely thanks you for assisting as a Citizen Scientist working to ensure the survival of our magnificent Statia Iguana.


Donations and Contributions

This project is by no means simple. At this moment the invasive Green Iguana has a foothold on our island and has started breeding with our Statia Iguana. It takes significant manpower, expertise and funds to make this time sensitive effort successful, the goal of which is removing all invasive Green Iguanas from our island before the invasive becomes established.

We need your help! Donations and contributions are needed to continue funding this project on a daily basis. For residents of Statia or concerned international organizations or individuals, please consider making a donation to this effort - any amount helps.

There are two options for donations, the STENAPA donation port or for U.S. donations, the IR CF donation port (U.S. donations are tax deductible). To make a donation click on one of the logo below. Thank you!

Donate via the IRCF
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Organizations that Support the Iguana Guardians Project:




The magnificent Statia Iguana has
been a local resident of our island
long before the island was inhabited
by man. Let’s ensure it survives!


The mating of Statia Iguana with
the Invasive Green Iguana results in
hybridization of the offspring that leads to extinction of our Statia Iguana.


As a Citizen Scientist please download
thi informative booklet on “How to
Tell the Difference Between Statia’s
Iguana sand the Invasive Green Iguana
”. This booklet will help you identify each iguana.