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Projects - Anti Plastics Campaign

Together with the Island Government, STENAPA is working to reduce the plastic wastes on Statia. The project endeavours to encourage local residents to reduce their plastic wastage by providing an alternative in the form of reusable fabric bags. The eco-bags will be of no cost to island residents and will be available to every household. The anti-plastics campaign started in June 2005 with talks about environmental impacts of plastic bags at schools and a contest to create a jingle and a logo for the campaign.

Benjamin Boyce’s (Seventh Day Adventist School – Grade 5) entry was chosen for the best logo. Wendy Collins, local artist, was judging the competition and said “This entry is well drawn and eye catching. It really projects the message the plastic wastes campaign is trying to convey”

Greida Gibbs’ (Golden Rock School – Grade 5) entry was chosen for the best jingle. Her entry was concise and cleverly structured. Zhivago Lopes (a.k.a. Private) produced the jingle, which aired twice daily on PJR1 91.5FM.

The winning logo and jingle were used to produce an educational poster that has been displayed in every school classroom and every shop distributing plastic bags.

STENAPA purchased large cotton reusable ‘eco-bags’ suitable for grocery shopping and the logo was printed and sewn onto cotton bags by seamstresses on Statia between January-March 2006. Between April and June, two bags were delivered to every household on Statia. School children also received a bag.

The Government has co-sponsored this project. In September 2005, the Lieutenant Governor Mr Hyden Gittens and Manager of STENAPA, Nicole Esteban, went on a two hour tour to visit owners of 14 shops in Statia. The aim of the visits was to brief shop owners about the ongoing plastic bags campaign managed by the Government and STENAPA.

Shop owners were unanimous in their support for the campaign and all agreed to display the poster and to stock the eco-bags to sell to customers who come to shops without a bag. The Governor informed shop owners that this campaign is a move to reduce the use of plastic bags, which have impacts on both the beauty and environment of Statia. In future, an import tax will be levied on plastic bags to further encourage shops to start charging for plastic bags and encourage the public to use their eco-bags.



Contest winner Benjamin Boyce


This poster is part of the anti-plastics campaign