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Activities - Public Awareness


School Education Programme

A dedicated Education and Outreach officer has developed a comprehensive nature education program. This is delivered each month to each class in every primary school on the island. The lessons are designed to familiarize the children with local flora, fauna and ecosystems and give them a grounding in some of the environmental threats faced, both locally and internationally.
The program is designed to be fun and interactive so that the students look forward to their STENAPA lessons each month. Some lessons are in the form of field trips. These outdoor activities give the children a chance to explore what they have been learning about, actually experience nature and achieve milestones like climbing to the top of the Quill.
The Education and Outreach Officer is also available to assist schools with extra nature-related activities like bird watching and other field trips. The National Parks Foundation is also there to support educators who want to use nature as a teaching tool in their classes, providing them with materials and loaning equipment and educational resources..

Snorkel Club

The Snorkel Club started in 2001 in a move to encourage Statia’s children to improve their swimming skills in the sea and to learn more about local marine life. There are two sessions held each year. Snorkel Club is a weekly after-school activity for children aged 8+ who can pass a swim test. This three-month course is designed to teach students how to snorkel safely and responsibly, and to respect the marine environment by becoming ‘eco champion snorkellers’. Each week students are taught the basics of snorkelling and are encouraged to act responsibly, not only towards each other but also towards all marine life. Students are tested on the knowledge they gain throughout the course, and upon successful completion they receive a PADI skin diver certificate.

Junior Rangers Club

Junior Rangers Club is a weekly after-school activity for children aged 10+ who can swim and have graduated from Snorkel Club. This nine-month course is designed to give students an insight into the various conservation activities carried out by STENAPA. Its aim is to teach local children to respect the natural environment surrounding them and encourage them to become actively involved e.g. planting from seeds at the Botanical Garden, beach clean-ups, turtle patrol, line splicing, coral ecology, snorkelling, hiking up the Quill, animal welfare and much more.

Each student receives a t-shirt and at the end of the course they will have a good basic understanding of conservation work, and it is hoped they will remain committed to these issues as they become mature individuals.

Public Talks

Various talks are organised by STENAPA each year which are open to the public. Talks are given on any subject relating to the Foundation’s activities e.g. Coral Reef Monitoring , Turtle conservation or Control of Corallita. In addition to meetings about a particular activity, we give presentations at the Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute’s montly science cafe on island..

Public meetings are publicised through radio announcements, posters and/or newspaper announcements. All interested members of the public are invited to attend and are given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the session.

Nature on Statia Newsletter

Stenapa releases a newsletter every quarter which gives updates on the organisation’s activities and relevant conservation news. News articles are generally positive and include pictures. The newsletter is distributed to the local community and is also sent via email to a large distribution list including registered divers, hikers and past volunteers.

Radio Programme on 91.5FM

On the first Thursday of each month, STENAPA hosts an interview programme on local radio (10.30am and 2.30pm). Topics discussed include STENAPA objectives, subjects of local interest, regulations of the parks, and special projects.




Snorkel Club in action!



One happy snorkeller



Beach cleanup by Junior Rangers



Junior Rangers observe
turtle nest excavation



Public STENAPA meeting