Boven National Park - Photo by Robert Jan van Oosten
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As a Foundation, STENAPA is headed by a Board of Directors who determine the long term goals, and supervise the implementation of long term and annual objectives by the Manager.

The Board appoints a Manager of National Parks who, in turn, directs the team of staff, interns and volunteers to carry out operational activities and special projects. The Manager meets with the Board at monthly meetings to report on activities, update on actions to implement Board decisions, and respond to Board concerns. Board members are voluntary in nature, and cannot receive payment for their work with respect to STENAPA.

Any interested person residing on St Eustatius can apply to become a member of the governing Board of STENAPA at any time. The Board has a minimum of five and maximum of 15 members who are appointed upon agreement of existing board membership.
‘Ordinary’ members must have an established interest in nature conservation on St Eustatius, or have demonstrated experience in nature conservation elsewhere.

STENAPA has two permanent Committees.

Executive Committee
With the exception of the board members who are already nominated in function, the Board elects four Board officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary) from its ordinary members every two years.
The Executive Committee is charged with the following:

  • Taking urgent decisions;
  • Overseeing the affairs of STENAPA between meetings; and

Ensuring that the decisions of the Board are implemented and that the affairs of STENAPA are conducted in a proper manner at all times

The last board elections were held in April 2008 and the executive committee consists of:

President Irving Brown
Vice President Teresa Leslie
Secretary Currently none
Treasurer Gene Herbert