Boven National Park - Photo by Robert Jan van Oosten
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Internships with STENAPA

STENAPA offers three to four internships at a time, in particular a National Park intern, Botanical Garden intern and Marine Park intern.  An internship with STENAPA offers the opportunity to gain experience of working for a national park, experience of coordinating and leading volunteers and research or special projects to complete. Interns generally have relevant experience in their field of work, and the internships usually last for 3 months.

The internships will primarily be assisting with the routine work of the national parks including leading the volunteer groups whilst working either on trail maintenance, gardening or maintenance of the marine park. Interns may also be asked to assist with staffing the office from time to time and any other activities which contribute to the development and upkeep of the parks. Interns are normally expected to complete a personal project during their stay which will be developed to suit each intern’s skills and expertise.

Interns work normal working hours (8 hours daily Monday-Friday). Interns stay in a rented house in town and work alongside Rangers and assist to coordinate of the volunteer group.  All interns must have a driving license.

National Park Intern

The National Park intern is responsible for the maintenance of trails in the Quill / Boven National Park. There is a network of 19 trails some of which are maintained more regularly than others due to visitor demand. The National Park intern will be assisting the National Parks ranger in leading groups of volunteers on trail maintenance 2-4 days per week. During afternoons or days without assistance from volunteers the intern usually prepares interpretation boards, signage, works on assigned personal projects or works in the Botanical Garden. The national parks intern may also be asked to staff the office and assists with the junior ranger program.

The majority of work for this position involves lots of physical activity in the hot sun. Applicants will therefore need to be physically fit. Preference is given to applicants with experience in trail maintenance and team leadership. Additional skills like carpentry, chain saw operation and/ or small engine maintenance would be an advantage.

Botanical Garden Intern

The Botanical Garden intern is responsible for assisting the gardener with maintenance and development of the botanical gardens. Interns contribute towards making the mission of the Miriam C Schmidt Garden possible.
The intern is responsible for assisting the gardener with the coordination of maintenance for phase I of the garden as well as activities, planning and application for the next phase. Volunteers from working abroad usually assists the intern each weekday morning with projects in the gardens. Besides the gardens, the intern may be asked to staff the office from time to time, and assist in the junior ranger program and educational visits to the garden in addition to assigned personal projects. The majority of work for this position involves lots of physical activity in the garden in the hot sun. Applicants will therefore need to be physically fit. Gardening experience is required and experience of leading a team of adults is preferred. Knowledge of tropical plants would be useful but is not essential. Additional skills like carpentry


Marine Park Intern

The Marine Park intern assists the manager and rangers in day to day Marine Park duties which include maintaining/installing dive/yacht moorings, visiting live-aboard dive supervision, helping on research projects, assisting on snorkel club and the junior ranger program, removal of invasive lionfish, assisting with the National Park office administration, and collection of marine park fees.
The Marine Park intern may also be asked to assist with the sea turtle conservation program, during nesting season this may include assisting with morning and nighttime beach patrols.

The marine park intern must be qualified to PADI rescue level to assure competence in diving.

During Turtle nesting season from April to November when Leatherback, Hawksbill and Green turtles nest on Statia’s Zeelandia beach, Botanical Garden and National Park interns may also be asked to assist on nighttime patrols.


Turtle Conservation

The purpose of this program is to increase the nesting populations of sea turtles on Statia, to increase hatchling survival rates, to fully protect turtle nesting habitats, to educate local residents and tourists about sea turtle conservation and to encourage research to improve knowledge and conservation of turtles on Statia.

The Turtle Program Coordinator is the direct supervisor of the Turtle Program intern, who will assist with morning or night patrols, nest excavations, beach clean-ups, in-water surveys, data collection and entry, education, training of volunteers, beach mapping, scheduling and other activities as needed.  There will be weekend work.

Night patrols range from mid-evening into the early hours of the morning. People on patrol should wear dark clothes, bring water and a snack or two. It is not recommended to go barefoot.  The STENAPA truck is used for patrols and so will not be available between 8:30pm and 3:30am on those nights. It is very important to be punctual for the program as turtles often nest at 9pm. If you are on night patrol on Sunday through Thursday nights, you have the following morning free.